Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Picking Venders for your Wedding

You need the right allies in this task immediately. Most don't think about it, but if you hire the right Entertainer, yes the person that can actually make things happen at any given time on your special day, they will likely lead you in the right direction once they have listened to all of your dreams for the day.

If you have already decided on the Venue, most good ones have a person to help you with this very important planning. Make sure that you voice all of your ideas early, and find out if that person is actually listening to you, or leading you along some path that "is the way everyone does it".

One of the reasons that I have done so well as an Entertainer, is that my "Radar" is always on. I am a listener. I also have the experience to ask the right questions. I know how long it takes for things to happen, I know how to create moods, and change them in an instant.

A good Entertainer, is also your best friend during the months of planning that you have ahead of you. They know how to listen, then give advice, and back off to allow you to make your own decisions. There are a few of us out there that pay attention to this first and foremost. Make sure whoever you choose gives you this impression every time you talk to them. You need to be excited about them, if you are not, your guests won't be. You should consider having your Entertainer attend important planning meetings, especially with your Venue.

You will be spending a considerable amount of cash getting ready for this big event, make sure you have a great team on your side as well. When you hire a great Entertainer, they are not just working 5 or 6 hours on your special day, they are working and available for you 24/7 during the hard months of planning. Congratulations and Cheers... lets make 2013 the best year ever... Together!

Ed McCurdy MC/DJ (VJ Ed)
Its all about the SMILE :)

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