Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ultimate Wedding

It's not often that you'll hear me brag... but I just have to brag about the Wedding that I MC'd on 10/10/2010 at Amore in Belfast.

       When people hire DJ's for their events, they have no idea how important it is to have a Professional until it is too late. When you hire me you get even more than just a professional. It is the same with the Event Center that you use. Between Jerry's expertise (the Event Specialist @ Amore) and Chef Wayne's expertise at Amore's, and my expertise this had to be one of the greatest events that has been done in the area in a long long time. Jerry and I knew it was going to go well when he showed up to mow the Wedding area with his lawnmower only to find that I had already done it on Friday! Have you ever seen any DJ ever mow the site before... on his own without being asked?

      The Wedding was for the now Mr and Mrs Larry and Kate (Caswell) Fagan. I must give great kudos to Larry and Kate for picking just the right music for the ceremony and events throughout the day. The right music does put a crescendo on each moment as well.

     Back to my bragging... I met with the Bride and Groom at Amore Restaurant and Lounge to plan their wedding after emailing them a planning sheet that they had mostly already filled out. After about an hour and a half, we had come up with a pretty good plan for what they wanted to accomplish. I then met with Kate and the Staff @ Amore the next Wednesday at 1pm to witness the planning of the Event Center side of things. By the end of this meeting we all were on the same page knowing all details of the special day.

     I then edited my event planner document and sent it for review by the Bride and Groom. We changed a few things and I brought the final copies for the Staff, and the Couple, to the Rehearsal on Saturday @ Amore's. I set up a small sound system and asked the Groom who was going to run the Rehearsal, he said that he would. He did a very nice job planning the whole ceremony by the way, he wrote the whole thing himself. After about 15 minutes he saw that everyone would probably listen to me more for directions so he asked me to take over the direction. Everyone enjoyed the rehearsal, and new exactly what to do for the special day and we were done in less than an hour.

     The day of the Wedding arrived, and I showed up with 2 sound systems, one for the Ceremony outside, and the other for the Reception inside. I set up so that the sound from outside could be heard inside as well. The music playing before the ceremony could be heard simultaneously inside and out, and when the Ceremony started you could hear all speakers and vows inside and out as well.

     The Wedding went off without a hitch, and soon the guests had come indoors to find music videos of Love Songs playing on 3 screens, and Amore had set up lucious appetizers, water stations, punch and the cash bar. It was decided by the Bride and Groom to have heavy Appetizers all evening... and what an awesome idea it was. While the photos were taken by the ocean, the guests happily watched, waited, ate and drank. I was socializing with the guests the whole time, finding out who they were, what kind of music they liked, whether they might sing later, and also keeping them all informed about how the rest of the evening would go. The Wedding Party came in the front once the pics were done and went to the upstairs Lounge to refresh themselves before being announced in to the reception.

     The grand entrance was accompanied by "America" by Neil Diamond (one of the Groom's favorite singers!). I announced the Wedding Party and then the Bride and Groom in, played one piece of music and we moved right to the toasts. One more song was played then we moved right to the First Dance, Father daughter dance (I was visibly emotional when I told the story of how the Father had always recorded music mixes for the daughter and that every mix tape always had "Dream a Little Dream for Me" by Mama Cass, and they danced to it next. We went through the rest of the special dances and immediately began the Dance Party.

     The weather was so nice that a lot of the guests ended up outside on the deck mingling, so we changed gears for a bit, and I just sang some love songs for about 20 minutes. Then we gathered everyone inside for the cutting of the cake, and then the Anniversary dance. The dancing began again, and when we needed a break from that the singing began. What a wonderful bunch of voices these folks had. One of the ladies came up and asked if I had some Motown song that would work for the gents to sing. I said how about "My Girl"... excellent. She got like 10 of the gents young and old up and what a fine job they did! After a few performances we moved back to lively dancing. There was more singing later, and more dancing, and then back to a lounge atmosphere where everyone was visiting and I was singing love songs again.

     Most of the guests stayed late, (it was cool that most were staying at the Belfast Motor Inn next door) had a great time I got so many compliments that I just had to share this Event with everyone. After the event was over, I sat and had a drink with the Staff at Amore, and we had a little bragging session because, well, we have been doing this for years, and no one does it like the pros do, especially Jerry and I. And we are the best available by far. If you need a DJ for any event, you may pay a little more for me, but it will be a remembered event for sure. If you just want someone to play music hire some DJ or just use your IPod. If you want somewhere that serves AWESOME food, beautiful atmosphere, and a highly experienced planner go see Jerry at Amore Restaurant and Lounge.