Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Entertainment... (Really?)

I have been in the Entertainment Industry now for nearly 20 years. One of the things that is taken for granted in this trade, is people just expect that everyone that says they are an Entertainer are in fact Entertainers. The only real way to know for sure is to take the "temperature" of the guests that are in attendance of the function.

How often have you attended a function, eaten the food, stayed for the speeches, and the prizes and then quietly evacuated the premises because you are about to fall asleep from sheer boredom. It seems like more and more of these events seem just like the last one you evacuated previously. The Wedding happens, the Company Presentation happens, The Birthday Party, The Lobster Feed, The Summer Bash, whatever the function is, they all blend together in to the same old same old.

The reason you want some Entertainment at your event is to keep people interested, have fun together, and eventually "remember when we did this" conversations happen years later. If the "remember when" moments never happen, your party is essentially a failure. The sad thing is, these moments are rarely planned in to an event. Once the party is underway, there is little that can be done to save poor planning. A great Entertainer can rescue an event like this (I make it a point to continually interact with the attendees so I know the "temperature"), but planning ahead makes all of the difference.

If you are planning an event, you should consider including your Entertainer in the planning meetings. A real Entertainer has enough experience with different kinds of people and events, which is vital information while planning. The other communication that is vital, happens between your committee and the Entertainer that educates Him/Her about your attendees, and the theme that you want conveyed. The collaboration should help you create special events during the evening that will keep your attendees interested, and more likely to participate, and even more likely to have that "remember when" experience as well.

I have specifically developed my Entertainment System to be able to accommodate many different types of entertainment. I have multiple Video screens for Presentations, Corporate Videos, Photo Slideshows, Visualizations, Music Videos, and Karaoke. I have computer controlled LED DMX Lighting for Dancing and Mood Lighting. Then there is the capability as an EmCee for Games, Interviewing, Dancing, Announcements, and introductons. Add to this a state of the art sound system, Shure Wireless microphones, Huge Music Video, Karaoke and Music Library, and Computerized System that allows instant requests. If you have talented attendees, I have the capability of plugging in their instruments to my system, or provided music track background for their performances. And now I even have the capability of Music Production, Recording Studio, and Video Production if you need an eye catching Presentation.

If you want your Event to be memorable, make sure you plan ahead, and Hire the right Entertainer to help you keep your theme on point and on schedule. If you are, or someone you know is, planning an event, please give me a call. My first planning meeting can be scheduled with no obligation. What better way is there to find out if Ed McCurdy MC/DJ is the right Entertainment for your very important event?

Call me now to check availability and reserve your Date!

Ed McCurdy MC/DJ (VJ Ed)

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